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not nama
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Registration date: 8th Nov 2016
Last seen: Today, 2:50 AM
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Location: Anime school
About me
5 things about me.

1. I am crazy
2. I like to sing.
3. I like to draw
4. I love to read.

I'm also a Doctor Who fan.

Check out my website! My shop is a work in progress, but feel free to check it out too!

I am on Wordpress, Wattpad, Quotev, FictionPad, Flightrising(No matter what my profile said, I'm a Wind., Tapastic, and Deviantart as SunnySideUpSmile. Come join me on Lady Popular. You can also find me on FurAffinity.
I'm on Patreon as SunnySideUpSmile.

Oh right furvilla too.


I don't know, dragons and stuff
Email me at

SunnySideUpSmile's comics
2018 Pinup Calendar Challenge
Mine and SunnySideUpSmile's entries for the 2018 pinup calendar challenge!
Last update: 20th Dec 2017
[Comic profile]
Those Days So Long Ago
Rhys is at college, and there is this annoying dude annoying her. A lot. Can she get rid of him? Or will she fall for him?

Updates weekly!

(Re-doing pages. As there's not a whole bunch, it won't take that long, but it will take maybe a month, if I still update regularly. So don't expect drastic changes overnight. Thanks.)

Last update: 2 days ago
[Comic profile]
Thousand Steps
Allie wants to live life as a girl with no love. No responsibility. She just wants to live in her own little world of imagination. But when she meets the Lock family, she take one step into the real world.

Artist: River (SunnySideUpSmile)
Writer/Artist sometimes: Kari (lumenite88)
[Coming June 5th]

Last update: 19th Oct 2017
[Comic profile]
A Squid a Day
Splatoon ocs do nut steel
Last update: 5th May 2017
[Comic profile]
When The Timeline Stops:
A collaboration comic done on Comicfury, by authors on Comicfury, for the Comicfury community! Everyone is allowed to contribute to the story!
Visit this thread to find out how to contribute a page, and to sign up for a page! For more information, PM Parkblog79.

Last update: 25th Dec 2017
[Comic profile]
Ice and Fire
Cassiopeia Wood is like a piece of ice. Aiden Goodwill is a burning fire. Can his burning passion melt her cold demeanor? After all, opposites attract.

(Made for my sister's story. This is a sporadic thing, much like ABQBO & Starlight Mountain. I made this for an extremely late Christmas present. I know I'm crazy for thinking I can do 5 comics, even if one is on hiatus.)

Last update: 6th Apr 2017
[Comic profile]
Sense and Sensibility: Rabbits
It's the age-old Jane Austen favorite, Sense & rabbit form!

[On hiatus because I'm reading the book]

Last update: 15th Feb 2017
[Comic profile]
Starlight Mountain
No-one knows about them, because no-one can see them. The Starlighters are a type of magikers, as they call themselves. They can control the light and the dark. A long lost prophecy tells of 'the one who will be noticed by humans...she will unite them all.'

Aliana is a regular old starlighter. She loves everyone, but when she ventures into the world of humans, her world is turned upside down. Forever.

[Going to re-start this; it's getting harder for me to have time to go onto Tapastic.]

Last update: 15th May 2017
[Comic profile]
Kawa O ekaki
Oodles of quirks and banters and other random stuff. Occasionally something important.

(Also a comic since life)

Last update: 21st Sep 2017
[Comic profile]
24-Hour Comic
This is a place for my 24-hour comics, starting this saturday.

2017 - Lake Eerie
Two twins, Hailey and Hannah, camp near Lake Eerie. Upon following strange sounds and finding a strange cabin in the woods, they learn some of Lake Eerie's secrets.

Last update: 7th Oct 2017
[Comic profile]
The New 30 Days Of Characters
Last update: 1st May 2017
[Comic profile]
A ComicFury Story
This is the story of what happens in my mind's eye as soon as I joined ComicFury. My 100th post: Excuse me? :P

Warning: Weirdness guaranteed! Sporadic updates!

Last update: 28th Aug 2017
[Comic profile]
Rhys "coding"-ish
Let's do this thing! (Hopefully) Would you like to see me do "nothing" (I've actually been doing a lot, just figuring it out and never actually saving this)
Last update: 24th Mar 2017
[Comic profile]

SunnySideUpSmile's disciples
Very good Mafia player. Fellow funny person.

Gave me my second critique. She told me I was ninja'd once.

Seka, Ruler of Nekos Sekas, aligned with walking mayonnaise bottles and sushi

I threw Seka into the Atlantic (or Pacific) Ocean with a pineapple

My little kohai-shisutā. Always the wild one, that Kari. I showed her the ways of ComicFury. Don't ever stop her awesomeness.