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Registration date: 22nd Dec 2015
Last seen: Today, 5:24 PM
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Location: Western, MA
About me
Comic artist, sci-fi & horror enthusiast, retro games,adventurer.

SuperBadDeathMachine's comics
Strange sci-fi worlds need exploring--why not by our two best buds: the KoneHedZ?

Last update: 28th Nov 2017
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Bang! Pong! Pow!
Bang! Pong! Pow! is a crime drama, action, comedy set in an alternative reality, where such things as "fashion" are recent innovations, and- oh yeah- the world is populated by anthropomorphic ping pong balls.

Last update: 22nd Dec 2017
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Clowns Of The Apocalypse
In the not too distant future, yet another rash of clown sightings breaks out around seemingly random locals around the United States. They appear to be random, and uncoordinated - just a coincidence. This is what it had seemed like at first. Nevertheless, despite increasing concerns about the presence of "Our New Clown Visitors" by locals, officials insist that there is nothing to be worried about.
Last update: 10 days ago
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Elvin Mechanics
An American Horror Comic.
We join our hero Dillird Q Thurman confront demons in the underworld.

Last update: 28th Nov 2017
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