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Not the real slim shady
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Registration date: 3rd Jan 2010
Last seen: 2nd Oct 2013, 11:08 AM
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Location: Sydney, Australia
About me
Why bother walking through doors when you can smash stuff?

SuperPie's comics
SuperPie 24 Hour Comic
who even fucking cares
Last update: 1st Oct 2011
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Waiting for the Bus
A user driven comic!
I'll post options on the comic, that YOU- yes you- can chose from! I'll tally up the results and the most popular option is done next week.

Last update: 28th Apr 2010
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To the Last Man
The year is 2149. For 12 years now, Humanity has been at war with a sinister alien enemy, whose name is still unknown. Members of the United Human Marine Corps just call them crawlies, due to their insectoid appearance. The UESS Carnifex is the Marine Corps flagship, a battleship fitted with devestating orbit-to-orbit and orbit-to-ground weapons, capable of holding 20,000 troopers, 1000 transport shuttles and 500 small figher ships.
Our story starts at a planet known as Alpha 8 Minor, a human colony which was recently obliviated by the Crawlies. The Carnifex picked up a distress call from the colony and moved in...

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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my fiirst pokemon webcomick
Last update: 12th May 2011
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ComicFury Chatzy RPG
A series of quick-mini-RPGs that spontaneously occurred on Chatzy, comicified!
Last update: 22nd May 2011
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No Dwarves Allowed
A webcomic made in the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons Online; Eberron Unlimited, featuring Micheal (Amathies), SuperPie (Tilkar), Thatguy1280 (Aranthat) and Flexiorn (Um.. Flexiorn)
Last update: 9th Jul 2011
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