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I am an author and amateur cartoonist. I began drawing comics on the back of my homework in 1997, made the leap to sketchbooks in 2003, focused on writing novels throughout college and Grad School, receiving an MFA in Creative Writing, before finally returning to comics in 2016 after maybe a decade of not drawing much. I might be more of a writer than an artist, but I think I am steadily improving. Although I tinkered with MS Paint beforehand, I began properly working with digital art in 2020, when I started writing my webcomic Alcatraz High; a twisted, bizarre and highly exaggerated autobiography of sorts written as a belated revenge against those who wronged me in public school.

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Alcatraz High School Alcatraz High School
Alcatraz High School is a dystopian, prison-like campus whose sole purpose is to churn out obedient, conformist factory workers; so basically a public school like any other. Follow Harry, a cheery and optimistic High School student with a unique medical condition that leaves his head partly detachable and is a magnet for the supernatural, Mike, an embittered goth kid with trust issues, Tim, the shortest kid in school, and Miles, his quirky friend, as they do their best to survive four years at this institution.

Best described as a supernatural dramedy but with plenty of social commentary, this webcomic draws on real life while exaggerating certain aspects for entertainment value.

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Artsakhball Archives Artsakhball Archives
From 2016 to 2019, I was the one behind the Countryball comic Artsakhball, and ran it on a Facebook page, with some comics also appearing on the Polandball Fandom wiki. For the uninitiated, Countryball comics are political comics commonly hand drawn in MS Paint in intentionally poor quality without the aid of any tools, where each country is represented by a ball with eyes, colored like their flag. Other running jokes are misspellings (“you” is always “yuo”).

Artsakh is a historically Armenian majority territory that was put under Azerbaijani jurisdiction under the Soviet Union as an autonomous oblast in the 1920s. After the Soviet Union fell, the area was liberated by Armenian forces in a war from 1990-1994. Following this was 28 years of a ceasefire, one that Azerbaijan constantly violated. From October to November 2020, Azerbaijan launched a 44-day war and invaded Artsakh with the help of Turkey, Pakistan, and Syrian mercenaries, while Armenia’s “ally” Russia looked the other way, capturing roughly two thirds of its land. What is left is now under the protection of Russia, and has an uncertain future, while Azerbaijan continues now to threaten Armenia’s internationally recognized borders, with a long term goal of erasing Armenia from the map at the soonest opportunity. Although I had already stopped the comic before then due to running out of ideas and moving onto my main webcomic project Alcatraz High, I really did not wish to continue the comic after the war. So, this is an archive of the comics that I felt still hold up today.

Last update: 24th Feb 2022
Occasional Strong Language