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Registration date: 6th Feb 2013
Last seen: 11th Mar 2017, 10:19 PM
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About me
I'm pretty energetic! Though nope I don't exercise :P I can be pretty hyper at times then calm the next. I refuse to grow up and stick to my teen years though no one has ever noticed my age unless I say something XD.

I love people! SO feel free to friend me in a way...or visit me in TUMBLR or ask for help! If I have the time I will always put the effort out there!

Freelance Commercial Artist,
Graphic artist, Web developer,
Character Concept artist.

Suri-Chi's comics
Spirit Link
Montague Academy is no ordinary school. Hidden in plain site but masked with dark energy making it hard for the human eye to see. In this school of legends, rich in history but dark secrets, Maze van Lycanthor and her friend Maggie Withers's parents enrolled them regardless of their thoughts. Little did they know as they deal with "not so normal" school life they will uncover things that may even be beyond the headmaster's control. Dive into the debts of Montague, where monsters, secret governments and agencies are the norm. Can you unravel the secrets of Monster...I mean Montague Academy?

Authors: J.Jerez (Suri-chi) and R.Curtiss (Outlaw Silver)
Illustrator: Suri-chi

Last update: 25th Jul 2013
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Last update: 9th Mar 2017
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