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Registration date: 28th Jun 2015
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About me
I love to draw. I can sometimes suffer from artist's block, but I try to not let that affect me. I have about a gazillion projects going on in my head at the moment, so I'm trying my best to keep up with them. I'm really into military themed stuff and all that as well. ...

SweetInsanity's comics
In a world where fear reigns with an iron fist, people are forced into walled cities for their own protection. It will take the strength, determination and sacrifice of an elite military force to stand against bloodthirsty monsters and grant people the freedom of peace once again.
Last update: 3 days ago
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The future has arrived!! The vicious creatures called Cirens that have plagued humanity for eons are finally reaching extinction. Unfortunately, with the extinction of one horror, a new monster takes the stage. In the midst of this chaos, one tiny human, rejected by his own, is thrown into tumultuous world of the Carriers.
Last update: 4 days ago
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