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Not much about me I like drawing but I'm not really good

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The Adventures of Among us
Not much of a description but this story is about Among Us, the pod of the crew made and imposter.
Who haunts the shadows, the imposter in this comic there will be Among Us gameplay but as a drawing,I will try and post on Fridays or the weekends.
(Not alot of detail but it's just Among Us but a comic strip.)

Last update: 7th Oct 2020
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
War & Love
Will you be able to handle the drama and love in this comic?
This story is about a young man declaring himself king, although there is a villain trying to take his place, they fight to take the place of the king of a warrior but some points things go too far...

13+ Due to language and a very very small amount of sexual content.

Last update: 7th Oct 2020
Violent Content Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language