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It's hard to get internet here in Svart√°lfaheimr. If my roommates, the Dwarves, didn't use up all the bandwidth trying to Google "How to build a Gleipnir," I would have more time to work. I swear, they act like it's the end of the world.

Alright joking aside, I finally put on my big boy shorts and made a DA account. I've also got a hub on Comic Rocket as well along with a (new) Tapastic site. I'll put the links here so if you want to check out any extra stuff that I do, you can go into my DA located here:


Awlers Webcomic on Tapastic

And if you've got an account on Comic Rocket and want The Awlers in there somewhere, here's the link:

Comic Rocket

I also run a blog for anyone interested, you can go here:


If you want to follow me on Tumblr, feel free! The more the merrier:

Syn-Cypher Tumblr

In addition, I've recently made a Facebook account for the Awler's comic, so if any of you use Facebook and would want to like it there, feel free!

The Awler's Facebook Page

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The Awlers The Awlers
Starting with: The Munchkin and the Goon, we get an introduction to one of the many small worlds of Firma and her magic. Continuing with the Awlers, a refugee group of rabbits, the rest of this static universe will be explored. I try to update every Monday and, once I get enough pages done, I may be able to post twice a week.
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Graphic Violence / Gore
Works of art created from boredom Works of art created from boredom
A few authors have been picked and are now allowed to post things on this page. Works of art or random doodles they are proud of and like. Small mini comics can also be posted here.
Last update: 20th Dec 2015