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Registration date: 1st Nov 2015
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About me
Yo, I'm TNTiger. My art and comics are still pretty horrible, but I work hard everyday to try to get better ;__;!

TNTiger's comics
Loch Verity is desperate for internet fame, but every time he comes close to it, a hacker named "Virus" hijacks his accounts and gets him banned. When Loch is about to give another go at becoming famous, he is suddenly forced into a mysterious place called "Reaper," where one person is controlled by another- just like a video game. Who is controlling Loch? Virus, of course! But now the two have a common goal: get out of Reaper. With Virus' brains and Loch's brawn, it should be easy. That is, if they didn't hate each other.
Actually not a boys' love series.

Last update: 10th Apr 2017
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Grim Trigger
Grim Trigger is basically what happens when a hermit, a jock, an emo boy, an asshole and a de trop prince are the entirety of a resistance movement in an alternate universe.
It's also an interactive flash comic. Actually, I feel kinda weird calling it a comic, but it's not really a game either...
GT is heavily inspired by history, ancient politics, and other nerdy stuff like poetry and card games.

Last update: 5 days ago
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