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Registration date: 10th Oct 2010
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TSoutherland's Webcomics
Laser Hanz and Cheecar
Laser Hanz, a superhero with laser for hands, teams up with his partner and best pal Cheecar, a bipedal sentient cheetah robot who can transform into a car, to fight evil in the sprawling, gleaming Pinnacle City.
Last update: 5th Feb 2019
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Have Bat, Will Travel
Earthbound: Have Bat, Will Travel was an old webcomic I drew for, it went on hiatus in 2007. Now, over a decade later, I've finally decided to return to it with a full remake entitled Have Bat, Will Travel: Lifeup. Please enjoy Volume One: Onett as it unfolds.
Last update: 6th Sep 2018
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Last Private Dicks On The Left
Based on the personalities of the Last Podcast on the Left
Last update: 8th Jun 2018
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Morally Bankrupt
Stuff and things happen in a small southern town. Jamie, Fro, Taylor and friends have adventures(?) under the roof of a rickety apartment building. Also, Url is there.
Last update: 25th Feb 2019
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A spaceman, a dwarf, and a cursed urn. Also, a robot.
Last update: 25th Nov 2015
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Little Miss Fortune
Original version of the Little Miss Fortune pilot.
Last update: 31st Oct 2016
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Candy Edge
A young human girl named Pumpkin Pepper, wielding the deadly Candy Edge, battles the forces of SectCore Corp.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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TSoutherland Comic Portfolio
Last update: 11th Jul 2013
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How Sipsco Stole Christmas
Written and Illustrated by me, Animated and Voiced by the fine folks at the Yogscast! See it here:
Last update: 6th Jan 2014
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The Augur Institute
On December 22nd, 2108, the planet Earth is suddenly struck by a still unknown event that causes unprecedented chaos across every continent. Following the initial worldwide earthquake people across every nation begin to observe bizarre colors and 'ruptures' in the sky, later believed to be the result of 'temporal storms' playing havoc on the atmosphere. Humanity is thrown into dynamic upheaval as the land splits, the skies rain unnatural elements, and the very nature of the world seems to be unraveling. 'The Skystain Incident' as it will later be called, lasts for nearly a full year, abruptly ending at exactly 21:30 International Standard Time on October 15th, 2109. This is the exact date and time of the birth of the boy who will grow to be Dr. Auger, the technological genius who tames the world and brings mankind back from the brink of extinction.
Last update: 1st Jan 2009
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Laser Hanz
Laser Hanz is cool because he has lasers for hands.
Last update: 1st Jan 2009
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I:The Solwings [The Celestial Generations]
A young man named Dhel Solwing sets out to find his missing father across a world of gods and monsters.
Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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