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Healer 13
A carnivorous nudist cat girl becomes a healer. This is her story.
Last update: 15th Sep 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
This Is Not a Western
A cowboy hides from the American government on a remote island. While he's gone, the world undergoes a terrible and bizarre transformation…

Updates with two pages every Sunday.

Last update: 26th May 2015
Sans Sanus
My latest project, a furry comic about revenge and secret agents and stuff I don't know. Updates randomly, although you can hope, desperately hope for a page every week.
Last update: 19th Feb 2014
Graphic Violence / Gore
Future Pear
12 page sci-fi anti-SOPA short comic I did. 1/6th of it is heart pounding action!
Last update: 5th Sep 2012
Journalism Story
3 friends battle their relationship problems and Justin Bieber, who eats Chuck Norris and enslaves the world.
Last update: 23rd Jan 2012
Frequent Strong Language
Conrad Story
Dofa Conrad and about 20 other people fight against evil. And me and the writer can't decide what hair color his sister has.
Last update: 17th Oct 2010
Confession Story
An older comic of mine where I turn myself into a catgirl. Much to the chagrin of my social life.
Last update: 27th Dec 2010