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Registration date: 6th Oct 2016
Last seen: 26th Aug 2018, 7:19 PM
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Location: United Kingdom
About me
I took a long hiatus. Now I'm back. So's my flagship comic, Prophets of Anima: Crescent Moon Chronicle.

I still work a pub, but the family moved on, and we've got new owners now. I still make music too, when I'm not making a fool of myself <3

If you like my work, go check out my Patreon!

Taruvien's comics
Crescent Moon Chronicle
A man dies and leaves everything behind. His past actions and memories are washed away in exchange for a second chance at existence, in the realm of Anima, where the dead go to live. With nothing but a possessed BFS in tow, and surrounded by foes at every turn, this man will move forward to discover what drove him to throw away his past, all the while struggling to deal with his future and the new destiny he (apparently) accepted with his last mortal breath.

This work may end up containing: Violence, Light Gore, Genderbending, Strong language, Mature Themes, Poorly Drawn Fight Scenes.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Prophets of Anima
GENRES: Action, Fantasy, Amnesiac Protagonist, Gender Bending & Really Stupid OP Weapons/Spirit Guides

In the afterlife Realm of Anima, where (most) souls go to rest, there's a war on - And isn't that just typical?

And so the Crescent Moon Chronicle begins.

Lupyne chose the wrong day to die, and now armed with only his wit and a suspiciously knowledgeable talking sword he must forge allies from enemies in order to defeat a much more sinister foe that has been lurking at the edge of Anima since time began.

All this while uncovering the secrets of his own blank past - though some of those memories might be best left forgotten, lest they fatally impact upon his new mission in the afterlife.

Oh, and did I mention he'll be kicking ass in a skirt 50% of the time? Yeah, that happens.


Keep your eyes peeled - I aim to upload a minimum of two pages per week. If I ever fail to do so, I'll try my best to make up for it in the following weeks!

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I may also start interspersing full page arts between chapters, as well as working on Character Bio and Worldbuilding Pages to the webcomic homepage.

Last update: 21st Aug 2018
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