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Hey, I'm Tawny! She/they, author of Timezone and collaborative author of Affected alongside Beefbirb! I love expressive character art most of all, as well as animation, which you'll see from time to time in my comics.

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Timezone Timezone
In a world where time flows only around certain people, a young 'Indicator' unleashes a glitch-pandemic that threatens the lives of everyone across the globe. Accompanied by their guards and a thousand-year-old girl from a medieval town, will they be able to stop the calamity before everything is destroyed?

Timezone a light sci-fi, drama and LGBTQ+ friendly webcomic that explores a world similar to our own but with one major difference! There is a large focus on character interaction, pages are occassionally punctuated with animated panels, and some sensitive themes (injuries, swearing and in-fighting) are explored through-out.

-Updates Every Tuesday-

Last update: 7th Jan 2023
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language