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Team Anchora's Profile
Team Anchora
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Registration date: 18th Sep 2016
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Location: Kansas, USA
About me

Howdy! I'm Garrett Bogle, And I'm the head of Team Anchora!

We're a group of friends and associates all working towards the same goal; Making a great webseries that we can be proud of. If you want to help/join us, join our Discord server and DM Dunky! We accept all comers, as long as you're friendly and have some spare time to help us out!

Team Anchora's comics
All of creation has fallen under the shadow of the United Global Sovereign Republic. A star-crossed rebellion has gathered 5 seemingly ordinary young men and women from all around the globe. Our last hope, on a world bent toward damnation.

Worldbent is a story about humanity and our search for purpose. Whether that purpose comes through questing for answers, religion, glorification of the small, or rejecting purpose altogether, we all need our reasons to live. Kings lose their will, and insects march on; But what about you?

Last update: 17th Apr 2018
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