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Hello there! I'm Teeter and I love Pokemon and the spinoff Mystery Dungeon! I worked up some guts and am making a PMD comic myself :)

I also have a few original characters, but I'm keeping them for when I'm more experienced with comic-making and storytelling.

Teeterglance's Webcomics
PMD: The Rogue Team PMD: The Rogue Team
Once a human, now a pokemon, Erin awakens in a strange new dimension with no answers and no memories. In hopes of regaining them, the cowardly girl teams up with Tabor, a not-so-trustworthy treecko that only wishes for wealth and fame. As they work alongside a Dungeon Master froakie to become the richest, most recognized Rogue team in the world, a malevolent force silently threatens the pokemon world's peace. Will Erin be prepared to face her fears?

A Pokemon Mystery Dungeon fancomic! Updates Thursdays.

Warnings: blood, injuries, violence, mild language/occasional strong language.

Last update: 6 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
A Pokemon Love Story! A Pokemon Love Story!
Hoopa is a mischievous troublemaker, but deep inside, all he wants is to find love. When he stumbles across an unknown dimension, the djinn encounters exactly who he wanted - and even what he wasn't looking for.

A cheesy and short test comic, to practice with comic making skills. On Hiatus.

Last update: 15th Mar 2020
PMD: A Equipe Ladina (PT-BR) PMD: A Equipe Ladina (PT-BR)
Uma vez humana, agora um pokemon, Erin desperta em uma estranha nova dimensão sem respostas e sem memórias. Na esperança de encontrá-las, a garota covarde se une a Tabor, um treecko não-tão-confiável que só deseja fama e fortuna. Enquanto trabalham junto a um froakie Mestre de Dungeons para se tornar a equipe Ladina mais rica e reconhecida no mundo, uma força maligna silenciosamente ameaça a paz do mundo pokémon. Estará Erin preparada para enfrentar seus medos?

Brazilian portuguese translation of "PMD: The Rogue Team". / Tradução em português do Brasil de "PMD: The Rogue Team", fan comic de Pokémon Mystery Dungeon.

Avisos: sangue, ferimentos, violência, linguagem moderada/linguagem forte ocasional.

Last update: 23rd Apr 2022
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language