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The Stars Shine Bright
After the murder of her mother, Myu finds her world turned upside down as she takes on the daunting responsibility of raising her little sister, Topaz. Luckily for her, however, she doesn't have to go it alone as long as the kindhearted Atticus is here to help.

Unluckily for her, this unlikely trio of kids may find themselves facing a little bit more than they bargained for.

Occasional blood and language. Updates Tuesdays.

tags: mew, pokemon, magic, zoroark, scientist

Last update: 3 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
Growing up is hard. Wouldn't it just be better to run away?

After a fateful run-in with a mew, eighteen-year-old Lily Stone finds herself far from home, stuck with an unfriendly incineroar, and more importantly, turned into an eevee. It seems like a dream come true — until her family wants to know where she is.

Loosely based on PMD: Red Rescue Team. This comic is a spin-off of my main comic, The Stars Shine Bright; it takes place in the same world, six years before, and does not affect the plot.

Features mild blood and swearing. Updates Saturdays when available.
tags: pokemon, delphox, braixen, glameow, purugly, pmd

Last update: 6 days ago
Frequent Strong Language
TSSB Extra: All Roads Lead to Home
Before there was Atticus or Topaz, magical incidents, or accidental murderers, there was just a mother and her child. And as a relatively new mother, even Clara makes mistakes.
Last update: 25th Apr 2021
TSSB Extra: Steven, Roxanne, & The Baby Blues
Following the failure of the Lambda Project, the scientists of Dynamene City Research grant the creature clemency... and grant Dr. Steven Collins and Dr. Roxanne Stone a new son who proves a little fussier than first imagined.

A short extra story for The Stars Shine Bright

Last update: 12th Oct 2021