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Kronos WoW Comics Kronos WoW Comics
The Kronos comics, Kronos wow comics or "Tekai's comics" is a serie of humoristic and thought-producing drawings about the experiences of the author and the different players on the World of Warcraft 1.12 vanilla private server Kronos. I began drawing them in November 2015 a bit after I started blogging and made them public by posting on the Kronos forums on the 22th December.

Some of those are about the Zul'gurub release, the PvP state, the meaning of "blizzlike", gamemaster's decisions, new player challenges, the current bugs or general issues, the server crashes or events, special player behaviours, oddities, and much more.

They aim at entertaining and encouraging the server's players (and maybe moderators) to think and reflect about Kronos and the decisions and story that they are making together. They are also cool to share, they might stimulate interactions between players and they offer me a personal first experience and a way to both develop and test my skills.

Disclosure : I am not affiliated in any way with Kronos, I do this mostly for fun and as a personal exercise. The point of views of the different characters do not necessarily represent my own or those of players on Kronos and are often exagerated for entertainment purposes.

Last update: 20th Apr 2017
Science of Cookies Science of Cookies

Non-profit webcomic on (initially) health research, research on research itself (meta-research) and science more broadly. Technically also about cookies which are used as stand-ins for many things (usually research studies). Does include stuff on study design, questionable research practices, biases, meta-analysis, systematic reviews, randomized controlled trials, trials generally, ethical review boards and various other shenanigans.


These comics contain medical information. Illustrating in a humoristic way requires simplifying information and presenting it in a form that can be interpretated in many different ways; some subtle details are thus lost and errors can appear. Even if the information is correct, it might not be applicable to your specific situation or might no longer be relevant. Ideas found in the comics were not meant to substitute discussions with a health professionnal.

Originally in French (2016-2019).

Last update: 20th Mar 2023
Just someone trying to prevent Climate Breakdown Just someone trying to prevent Climate Breakdown
Just someone trying to prevent Climate Breakdown*. Don't mind me, please go on your way. If you want to come along and protect the planet along with things that live on it (like, I don't know, fellow humans, animals and mother nature), that's cool. If not I guess we all have to die of something so that's okay too.

*that's when Climate Change becomes bad, like really bad

Last update: 15th Nov 2019