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Yo! I used to make comics on Smackjeeves...and now I'm here too! I'm pretty much here for the long haul. My goal is to have one of the last Pokemon Sprite Comics on the internet, so feel free to sit at the twilight of what was once an abundant sight to see lol.

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These Days
These Days is the story of two boys who just graduated high school going off into the world to hopefully find themselves and their true purpose. Talk about a crazy gap year!

Most of these comics are pretty old, so bear with me as the quality slowly progresses/hiccups.

I'm planning on updating these weekly to coincide the gap days with Black Rain! Enjoy.

Last update: 28th Jul 2020
Occasional Strong Language
Pokémon: Black Rain
Not your average Pokémon Sprite Comic.

Current Arc: Chapter 1 - Present Tense

We delve into the events circulating Red's disappearance.

Updates Mondays (as of May 18)

Last update: 6th Jul 2020
Occasional Strong Language
Smile Meditation
Here's a place where you can see my pre-existing sprite progress (my first ever Sprite Comic), you guys also have the opportunity to ask any of my characters Q&A stuff. Also some extra comics (and an old story I once did on Smackjeeves), bonus content from pre-existing comics.

Don't worry about spam. I'll always make it so that when you click onto the comic, you'll be relegated to the Q&A or Announcements section. Enjoy and stay funky!

Last update: 31st Mar 2020