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*trips and falls down behind you*
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Comic artist, shamisen player, tea hoarder. Wanting a nap at all times.

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Road to Kerridon Road to Kerridon
Where do you go, traveller, on this weary road?
Where do your strong feet take you as you go?
Where is it that you've come from?
What is it that you hope?
Where do you go, traveller, on the road?

Last update: 2nd Apr 2023
Violent Content
The Guarding Tree The Guarding Tree
Hiro just wanted to survive high school, keep his single dad from overworking himself, and make it into college. If only his town weren't a hotspot for youkai- troublesome supernatural beings-, and if only they weren't so determined to make things difficult for him, maybe he could catch a break once in a while. But when his friends decide to make a habit of searching for youkai after dark (and dragging him along), a mysterious fox spirit appears in town, and the immortal tree that guards the town suddenly starts dying, a lot of secrets come to light-- secrets that were kept from Hiro, and secrets that Hiro himself has been keeping. Seems like he won't be able to catch a break after all...
Last update: 7th Dec 2022
Violent Content