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The Catholic Crow's Profile
The Catholic Crow♀

Registration date: 10th Apr 2014
Last seen: 3rd Jun 2015, 11:40 PM
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Location: California
About me
Thus far I've been working to create "family-friendly" comics which are about something other than the same recycled, overly colorful superhero stories. There's a darker (i.e. less child-friendly) comic that's in the pipeline which I will be collaborating on - we'll see what comes of it in the next couple of months... I'm also drafting a series based heavily on Scandinavian Punks & Siberian Shamanism.

I really enjoy (the artwork) in darker (especially supernatural)comics like The Crow, Hellboy/BPRD series & Baltimore. I also like Black and White (particularly Noir) comics.

In a few weeks I'll be done with my BA [with a major in Religious Studies (a strong emphasis on Catholicism & Medieval History) w a minor in Cultural Anthro.] I"m multi-ethnic & Conservative- I believe all of this gives me a unique perspective when approaching comics and life in general. I enjoy listening to mariachi, opera, oldies, New Wave, grunge, punk, (progressive/ industrial/ heavy) metal... it all depends on my mood.

I'm currently running "Father Who" a Catholic comic which I began writing as a Christmas gift for my little brother (hence many of the jokes are geared towards him) but I recently decided to use it as a webcomic for the entertainment of others. If you're reading this, you should totally subscribe :D

The Catholic Crow's comics
1001 Ways to Get Rid of Your Dog
A dark comedy / gag-a-day created with the help of several of my siblings featuring ridiculous scenarios which ultimately result in the demise of a fat & stupid canine. We are in the writing the phase currently and may make this entirely the fantasies of the jealous family cat.

It's a sensitive topic which we plan to handle carefully.

Coming soon ... maybe.

Last update: This comic has not updated yet.
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Father Who
A (catholic) Christian "Dr. Who" parody ... as Fr. Who and Aloysius(the skeptical young companion) jump through time (in their Confessional Tardis)they learn valuable life lessons in addition to History and the Faith. Drama and campy comedy ensue as they interact with various figures including saints and "villains" such as the funDA(LEK)mentalists (fundamentalist Protestants as daleks)... You don't have to be religious to enjoy it.

A must read for any Doctor Who fan!

Last update: 12th May 2014
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