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The Chessmaster
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Registration date: 21st Sep 2012
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Location: Between the states Denial and Confusion.
About Me
I'm an aspiring author/artist, currently working on a number of projects. I have a tendency to become really obsessed with one project, and then get distracted by a shiny thing, so be warned.

Currently, I'm doing an interactive comic about bread and circuses, which is a more dignified way of saying "a weird MMORPG full of stickmen spawncampers."

The Chessmaster's Webcomics
>Read description of weird, stupid webcomic.

After humanity was given an online RPG to play by their slavers, they quickly hacked the system, took control of the computers, and used it to gain full control. Now, you, like so many other former slaves, hide from the toxic atmosphere by staying indoors, playing. Control the characters' actions through comments! Create a character and jump in! The fate of the virtual world, and maybe even the real one, is in your hands.

Last update: 28th Nov 2014
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After Kgosi Starbrook's father was killed by a demon, he was made paladin of his city, and became its defender against demons and other dangers. Now, with the assistance of his master Tendai and a woman by the name of Sekai, he decides to quest to deal with the demons at the source... All the while still learning the basics.

To get a good picture of what the comic is like, imagine XKCD only not stick figure, less comedy-based, with a detailed and continuous story, not written or drawn by Mr. Munroe, set in the medieval times in a place like Africa, mostly without math and science jokes, and, well, not at all like XKCD.

Updates Mondays and Fridays.

Last update: 29th Jan 2014
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