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I love manga and western comics. My favourite is Berserk. I also read DC's Batman and Nightwing. I like something in every genre and I love mixed genre stuff like space-westerns and zombie-romances.


The Letter M's Webcomics
The Restless Dead The Restless Dead
The sky is red, people are having bizarre hallucinations and the dead are coming back to life. What does it mean? Can an eclectic group of survivors live long enough to figure it out?

The Restless Dead is a drama / action / horror story about a group of people struggling to survive and understand a zombie apocalypse. The story is set on the Gold Coast in Australia.

Last update: Yesterday
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
Electric Princess Miho Electric Princess Miho
The cyborg princess Miho awakens on a strange planet thousands of years after the destruction of earth and the mass exodus of humanity.
Last update: 5th Aug 2019
Inferno Inferno
The adventures of Jess The Inferno. A Super hero comic designed with crossovers in mind. If you're running a superhero webcomic and you want to do a crossover, send a PM.
Last update: 9th Oct 2021
Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
Momo Momo
Momo is a love struck teen going through an emotional rollercoaster.
Last update: 3rd Mar 2019
Crossover Exchange Crossover Exchange
Characters from all types of comic universes are coming together! How will they interact? Will out-of-comic friendships be formed? Will new rivalries surface? Here is the place to find out!
Last update: 14th Feb 2022
Cobalt Cobalt
Last update: 4th Nov 2017
The Comic Fury Comic The Comic Fury Comic
A hard living Gator faces Various challenges.

The Semi-Official comic fury mascot comic.

Last update: 12th Aug 2015
In The Void In The Void
A space adventure based on a dream I had.
Last update: 6th May 2013
Frequent Strong Language
The New Adventures of Mrs. Marple The New Adventures of Mrs. Marple
Famous detective Jane Marple takes a well deserved holiday with her trusted old friend from the sewing circle. little does she know that everything is not what it seems on this trans-continental airship tour. Plots and murder abound as Marple pits her wits against an unseen enemy.

Marple as you've never seen her before in this racy tale.
Assuming that I ever draw another page.

Last update: 6th Jun 2013
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
The Book Of The Tradie The Book Of The Tradie
Discovered in Woodridge, this sacred document is shrouded in mystery. We do not know which of the twelve apprentices penned it's pages but it tells of the life and death of the holy Australian messiah. Teams of dedicated monks work to restore and translate the remaining pages. I ask only that the faithful be patient so we may all share in the words of the tradie.
Last update: 24th Sep 2013
Fan Art From Letter M Fan Art From Letter M
I wanted somewhere to upload my fan art to and entries into the weekly art challenge. At the moment they're cluttering up the extra files section of my comics and I'm losing track.
Last update: 26th Oct 2015
Frequent Frontal Nudity