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I keeps my skills on point, ...writing and directing Reanimated Response are some of them.

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Reanimated Response
A community reputation of "flip cup" champion status, above average knowledge of B-rate action and horror/gore movies, the desire to fish in all bodies of water, the ability to drink three times the legal amount and still hold up good in a fight... if fought unfairly, and un-healthy amounts of hours logged on X-Box Live, ...All of these attributes make up a well trained Firefighter, but do these attributes make up a well trained "zombie killer"?? Two Firefighter shift partners stationed in the rural town of Raimi, Texas, Dane and Marcus, answer that question when their community is confronted with a bit of a zombie infestation in this Comedy/Action/Horror comic that is "Reanimated Response".
Last update: 5th Aug 2011
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language