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Registration date: 24th Sep 2014
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About Me
I'm a soldier, and I make comics. That's just how it is.

TheFullCrumb's Webcomics
The UnderCity
Welcome to the UnderCity, an interactive comic where You, the reader decides the character's action. Each action is determined by majority consensus, and may change the story considerably as you go.

Inspired by Morgenstern's comic "Blood is Mine."

Last update: 6th Aug 2019
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As Alastar Cameron regains his memories, each one is documented here, in a new page each time. Relive each painful memory as he comments on each one, each revisited scenario more painful than the last.
Last update: 13th Dec 2018
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The Forosian Lorebook
The Forosian Lorebook, home to all kinds of tales and fables about the races and creatures that inhabit the fair world of Forosia.

Within, be amazed as you learn the origins of various creatures! Mystical magicks!

Everything in between will be shown in this Lorebook.

Last update: 18th Oct 2015
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Long Live the Frontier
Twenty years I ran.

Twenty years I was afraid.

Now it's time I made the name Deadwood mean something.

Now it's high time I fought back.

[[Yes, this is a brony comic. This is based off of some old comics of mine I found when cleaning up. I redrew them and remade them.

Last update: 27th Oct 2015
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The Crumbverse
so, anything regarding spinoffs, crossovers, battles between myself and others, and whatnot, it all comes down to the Crumbverse...

Of which Shadows of Abaron, Long Live the Frontier, and any other comics I create are a part of.

Have Path, Will Find does not count, as it is based on Pathfinder.

Last update: 4th Nov 2015
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Have Path, Will Find
The world of Golarion is a dangerous place, fraught with dangers unseen by man... or by the most hapless of adventurers Malaseth has ever seen. Join the adventures and stake your claim with Malaseth!
Last update: 13th Jun 2015
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Shadows of Abaron
The world of Forosia is not one of safety, but rather, one of magic, technology, and war.

The Kingdom of Abaron, the greatest possessor of Magick in the realm, is the forefront on the defense against the Darkness.

When a Disciple of the Plague attacks the rural farm district outside the outpost of Sarinas, the only man without Magick in all of Abaron is called upon to fight in a war that only he might be able to win.

Watch your back, Knight.




Last update: 4th Nov 2016
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