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TheReal666's Profile
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Registration date: 5th May 2012
Last seen: 8th Feb 2018, 4:38 PM
Posts: 65
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Location: United States
About me
I am the result of years of testing by demented scientists who have forced me for the longest time to draw cartoons. I am Manny! Or, as all of you will call me, Dr. Manny!

What you will find in most of my work:
-Lots of girls (for no apparent reason. WHY?!)
-Obscure references to old, cheesy, and dead-as-disco media
-Paper-thin arms on characters
-Crappy or non-existent scenery

TheReal666's comics
Adventures of Henry the Mole
Henry the Mole -- or Henry D. Mole, if you wanna be formal -- lands in a port town after his boat capsizes. As he grows accustomed to his new home, he makes new friends and discovers things he never knew before!
Last update: 8th Feb 2018
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Skeeter, a robot with a crazy outlook on life, meets kooky characters, fights trolls, and always lands into trouble! Join him for massive misadventures!!
Last update: 22nd Jun 2017
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Planet Spike
Join Spike, Slime and Bubble Slime in a series of short comics about life itself! (NOT!!)
Last update: 22nd Nov 2012
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