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I like to draw and play Pokémon! These interests naturally intersected when I started my Nuzlocke comic.

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Sunlocke Sunlocke
Sunlocke follows Ann, a human from a world without Pokémon who woke up on the beach one day. Why? Who knows! Now she journeys around Alola, trying to find a place in the world of Pokémon.
Last update: 5 days ago
Sunlocke Extras Sunlocke Extras
Old pages and QnA answers from my main comic, Sunlocke! Includes the original chapter 1 as well as answers to the three QnAs I've done. I may also post announcement art + process art for the comic here!
Last update: 25th Aug 2022
Ablaze Ablaze
A personal comic I’ve been drawing in my free time since 2018, Ablaze follows Zach and Carol as they try to get Zach home. Because I never intended for this comic to be read by people other than my close friends, some aspects may be confusing to the uninitiated. I’ll try to explain what I anticipate will be difficult to parse in author comments.
Last update: 15th Jan 2021