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Australia 2087
Dale is a young beagle who was put to the Australian Anomaly Hunt Squad (The AAHS) around mid-Collage. He thought it was a clever name for a documentary film until he encountered a monstrous palm tree. He barely made it out alive without the help of an old, but skilled, dingo named Jazz!

Together, they report anomalies to the AAHS and try to survive from some of the most deadly and dangerous beasts mankind has ever faced!

Warning, questionable content may be approached. Read with caution!

Inspired heavily by the SCP Foundation! Check them out here:
All anomalies in here can be used for fair use, but credit me if you do use them!
Dale and Jazz belong to me!

Last update: 7th Apr 2021
Cycle of Luv
Cycle of Luv is a love story that also is not a love story, just a comedy comic. Join Maxx and his friends as they spend their lives in 2087, which feels more like reality than any cartoon.

Warning! Has: Sexual content, very strong language, and drug references

The comic will go for a schedule of 5-days per week!

Last update: 5 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
Pumpkin Spice Season
A family friendly comic featuring objects galore... inspiration... a pumpkin that can't expire.

Updates weekly

Last update: 12th Apr 2021