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At some point, I'll probably move all of my finished or soon-to-be-finished comics here. My main project right now is a Sonic sprite comic called 'SV'. It doesn't stand for anything yet. It used to but the original acronym doesn't work now.

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Author Hotel Comic
An author comic started by three friends in 2015 that ended in 2016. Now hosted here on ComicFury! It'll take a while to re-upload everything, there's no set schedule but I'll probably post 3 a day when I feel like it.

The comic stars Pano who wants to make a hotel like the days of old. He gets his wish but also the hotel keeps getting attacked for some reason.

Last update: 17th Feb 2020
Violent Content Frequent Strong Language
Unified Dissonance
Unified Dissonance (also abbreviated as UniDis) is a comic that incorporates modern comic themes and knowledge with the style and humor of early sprite webcomics. A mysterious figure decides to bring a cast of characters from their home world for unknown reasons, and it’s up to them to stop him--and possibly learn some things along the way.

This comic is worked on by a variety of members that are passionate about their original characters and are excited to explore the mystical world that the comic takes place in.

Last update: 2 days ago
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language