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Registration date: 1st Nov 2012
Last seen: 11th May 2015, 11:21 AM
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Tinwood's comics
Kitty -n- Ape
Just a little comic I worked on in high school, its been be-bopping around in my bags for years. The second story's not even finished sorry if you like it.
The idea behind the comic was to make something simple with no words, or language for that matter, just symbols so it could be read by anyone.
Its just about a big Ape, who loves a little kitty, who gets into lots of trouble and is hunted by a shady organization.

Last update: 2nd Nov 2012
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Bobby fulton
This began years and years ago as an aspiring project to make a comic (for realz yo). My friend and I bought all the supplies and drew stuff up on official comic board and thought we were gonna be the next Busieks and Chadwicks.
Then we just kinda stopped.
So I took it upon myself to redraw it while I was bored and then letter it on the puter, its looks stark cause I suck at photoshop but the normal scans dont have the lettering on them so this is what you get.
Bobby fulton is just about a kid, and the origin of minions.
Cuppa Joes was a goofy prequel I came up with the second time i was sketching the series.

Last update: 2nd Nov 2012
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