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Tobey TrueStory
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Registration date: 9th Apr 2015
Last seen: 25th May 2018, 10:33 PM
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Tobey TrueStory's comics
In order to secure her tribe's future, Cinder takes it upon herself to slay the monster that took it from them.
Last update: 28th Dec 2017
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This is a web comic series based around a newly wedded couple and their cute, silly, and light hearted sensual moments.
Last update: 21st Nov 2017
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Impisha has a long road ahead of her before she realizes her potential.
Last update: 18th Oct 2017
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They all wait on their own terms, trapped within their self proclaimed utopia, waiting for an even better utopia. Or, at least, that's what they believe. There is one who has made promises to them, but some of them believe they have deluded themselves while others believe they have doomed themselves. The whole time they have waited, they argued who is right. Meanwhile, the only daughter born from their generation waits for something she knows nothing about, only that there is something to wait for. Has their waiting come to an end when a stranger shows up unconscious on their doorstep? What will some of them do to insure they get the ending they want?
Last update: 22nd Jul 2017
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