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Tom Day's Profile
Tom Day
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Registration date: 21st Apr 2010
Last seen: 29th Dec 2015, 3:43 AM
Posts: 167
Comments left: 150
Ratings given: 4.89 / 97
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Location: US Boston, Earth
About me
I am an I.T. Admin and computer geek.
I have been drawing as long as I can remember! I also am an animator and musician.
Oh yeah and I am Batman...............
Alright I am not really Batman.

Tom Day's comics
A story about a little robot looking for his place in the world.
Updates on Sunday every week.

Last update: 5th Jul 2014
[Comic profile]
Random funny transmissions from the Geekoverse.
Last update: 11th May 2010
[Comic profile]
Everyday Monsters
Wherever there is darkness, there are Monsters
Whenever the floorboards creek in the dead of night
However eye glasses disappear leaving no sight...
Out of the mysterious into our reality,
Everyday Monsters give all the heebie geebies!

Last update: 31st May 2010
[Comic profile]
The EDM Chronicles
Last update: 13th Jun 2010
[Comic profile]