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I have been told that I'm creative. I'm a STEM major and love animals...yeah...

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Archport City Chronicles Lockdown
The best guessed center of the universe has an adventure for everyone...It's amazing what you can stumble into...


Archport City is the interdeimesional hub of the universes and Joe, a possibly mundane person, stumbles in. Much to the delight of everyone but himself he's stuck on this unusual road trip to find the exit.

I am renovating this comic and if you spot something that is an issue or see a problem spot that could be better used let me know.

I will be uploading my comic again one page a month as I renovate it

Tumblr tommy shizuko

In association with the Archport City Chronicles, Imaginary Escapades ,which is on Tumblr, is a cannon part of my universe and has full permission to place her comic there.

Last update: Yesterday
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language