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Registration date: 18th Feb 2013
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Location: Detroit Michigan USA
About me
ello i'm TrAgEdYMangaKA and i'm from Detroit Michigan. aside from drawing i enjoy going to anime conventions, and watching anime and reading manga as well as lifting weights and martial arts. i'm working on my own Manga called TrAgEdY. My main art influences are Kentaro Miura (creator of Berserk) and Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun, Gungrave, Blood Blockade Battlefront) i hope you enjoy my work ! PLEASE Check out TrAgEdY my manga! thanxu! ^_^ i also have a deviantart:

TrAgEdYMangaKA's comics
As a young boy Raiden always had a very difficult life. always being abused by his drunk father. Things get worse one day when Raiden gets into the ultimate and final conflict with his father
Action, Science Fiction, and Horror.written and illustrated by Abbey Collins TrAgEdY is a manga that was made for those who like sci-fi horror and plenty of action!

Last update: 22nd Mar 2014
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