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Last seen: 4th Jan 2021, 7:45 PM
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Hi, I'm Trakker1985 or just Trakker really, it's spelt wrong on purpose, you'd be amazed how many places already have the account name "Tracker" =3

Aiming for page updates on Wednesdays and Saturdays, if I miss one, I wont miss the next, and if I do I'll inform everyone on whatever the problem might be (usually it's a new video game or two lol)

Pages are normally in B&W, but sometimes coloured pages sneak in =3

If you want to see more from me, feel free to visit my -

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Lunate Epsilon
When a mysterious Android girl is found she has to learn to find her place in a future society of Humans, Robots and Mals (half human/animal hybrids)
Last update: 25th Dec 2019