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Registration date: 25th Sep 2016
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Location: United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I'm Trakker1985 or just Trakker really, it's spelt wrong on purpose, you'd be amazed how many places already have the account name "Tracker" =3

Much like Saitama is a hero for fun, I'm an artist for fun, of course getting paid is also nice, just going through life trying to find the right balance. My current main project is obviously Lunate Epsilon that i hope everyone is enjoying. be sure to give me encouragement so i actually finish and don't end up in an eternal hiatus like some other people =3

Trakker1985's comics
Lunate Epsilon
When a mysterious Android girl is found she has to learn to find her place in a future society of Humans, Robots and Mals (half human/animal hybrids)
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