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I'm a dude with head full of passion for storytelling, art, making music, spirituality, philosophy and interest with religions. Unfortunately I'm also WAY TOO laid back and have soooo much free time of me, that I struggle with procrastination. I'm here to redeem myself from years of neglecting my skills and finally fulfill desires to get my stories out there.

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TLDR: Fractal party, random encounters, doodly art style.
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Ok, so I was writing a book a long time ago, but I procrastinated it for so long, that I decided to turn it into comic.
It has a very open world and I'd like it to once become an open-source project with collage of many artists contributing, but for now I just slowly cover the main arc, based on the book idea.
Basically it's a mash-up of all the stories I came up with since I was little, bound by one 'hub-story'. That is the story of party goers on a fractal party out of time and space, organized by a dude that can do literally anything he wants. Yes, it does sound like a cheap trick, but whatever - it gives a lot of field for many philosophical, existential, spiritual and theological speculation and I believe that it's about time for some counterbalance, now, in 2018 (about 10 years after people thought that being like Gregory House was cool even though he was totally depressed) when everyone praise Rick Sanchez for being so shwifty, but most of them cannot cope with (or doesn't even realize) the colossal nihilism that he delivers... but anyway, I love the show, so shh.
Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself. If you're still reading this then be informed, that this comic is supposed to be funny and intriguing and give food for thought every once in a while. But mostly it's a story of people (and beings) and how different can one life be from the other. The comic is going to follow the backstories of the leading characters, so jumps in chronology, as well as in between whole worlds, will occur. Soon I'm going to launch the other Clishés, with strips and short stories unrelated to the main arc. But that all is still unfolding, the comic is still in a very early stage of the story.
Let me know if you're interested in collaborating with me on this potentially vast project. :)
PS: TRIGGER WARNING! As I like to look at life from many, sometimes contradictory points of views, you may find some of this comic's content slightly triggering. That's good, It's supposed to spark questions and provoke to philosophizing.

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Something Else
In the world where a failed science experiment mixed up the cause and effect of all things, one lonely scientist travels the post-apocalyptic wasteland of randomness trying to understand and fix the error that sunk the world in chaos 20 years ago.
Additional info you should know is that I'm going to experiment quite a lot with the art styles. Also it's going to be quite literate in places as it's an adaptation of a novel I wrote once upon a time.

Last update: 11th May 2020
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