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Trigonometry's Profile
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Registration date: 7th Jan 2013
Last seen: 5th Jan 2019, 10:47 AM
Posts: 358
Comments left: 309
Ratings given: 4.55 / 31
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Location: Columbus, Ohio
About Me
I am a digital artist with a love of online gaming, especially World of Warcraft.

Trigonometry's Webcomics
The New Adventures of Trigonometry
This comic is about the new adventures of everyone's favorite little psychopath, Trigonometry. It uses the World of Warcraft for its models but the storyline is strictly mine.
Last update: 6th Dec 2017
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Kacho Nacho
A comic about the adventures of a Lalafell and his friends in the world of FFXIV.
Last update: 25th Nov 2016
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Space Gnome
Based upon the popular mobile game Space Arena. The story revolves around a gnome and their adventures in the universe of Space Arena.
Last update: 13th Dec 2018
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Kazi Hazi
Kazi Hazi follows the adventures of a lafell who loves hot babes, good beer, and all boobs in general, and he occasionally gets around to doing a good deed.
Last update: 7th Sep 2016
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The adventures of a gnome death knight and her friends as she struggles to find her place in the world. Set in the World of Warcraft.
Last update: 9th Dec 2015
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Gnomeregan Forever
Not a true comic. More of a grab bag of stuff that I come up with that doesn't fit within Trigonometry. " It may develop into a spinoff comic. We'll see."

Well, I guess it's pretty clear Gnomeregan Forever is a true comic.

Last update: 15th Dec 2018
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