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I'm a writer, and I dabble in comics.

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The Adventures of Austin and Logan
Austin and Logan traverse space-time, defeat evil, save the world, destroy the world, and explain why no one should ever watch "The Big Bang Theory"....okay, maybe prisoners that only have like, literally one channel to watch, and nothing else. The Big Bang Theory is slightly less painful then getting shanked in a prison yard. Thank you.
Last update: 20th Apr 2015
Graphic Violence / Gore
Sam's Shipstop
Young slacker Phil Robinson is the owner and operator of Sam's Shipstop, a one-stop oasis in space. The Shipstop offers weary space travelers everything they need, and is equipped with a movie theater, diner, motel, convenience store, and refueling stations. With the help of a psychotic robot named ROBOT, and the mute but talkative alien Roz, Phil must keep the Shipstop running and profitable.
Last update: 27th Feb 2018
Graphic Violence / Gore
Shillmart,Inc is an international retail corporation that demands the sacrifice of your infants.
Last update: 17th Dec 2019
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language