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In Plain Sight In Plain Sight
Dallan Grivs just wanted a job where he didn't have to deal with late night holdups or bounty hunters looking for coworkers nightly. With his luck though a job lands right at his door and while rude and threatening it's better to yield and accept than risk the fallout of refusing. At least he'll be the first being ever to research the Empire (and with any luck survive doing so).

But more lingers just under the surface; past fair-weather friends and old family enemies are watching, bidding their time and waiting for Dallan to expire.

Can Dallan notice what's hiding in plain sight of him before it's too late?

This is a Star Wars The Old Republic comic with both personal and shared headcanon ideas to make this world a bit more realistic.

Heads up! We know bad things happen in the Empire, in war and in the places where the sun's rays don't touch. Warnings will be posted in advance.

Last update: 9 days ago
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language