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In a world where magic coexists alongside technology there exists a city where the scum bags of heaven, hell and earth alike all call home. Ash City. Warlocks, people who wield demonic magic, run wiled here. As do Night Walkers and a dozen criminal syndicates. And in the midst of all this darkness where do innocent children stand?

This is the story of five youth. A once kind child turned raciest. A misogynistic rapist. The son of a half demon drug dealer. A genius who’s intellect makes him the target of scorn. And a sexy high school girl with boyfriend issues. These children have known nothing but hatred for years and when they are all found guilty of using dark magic to commit murder they are sentenced to serve Ravian, a school designed to train sorcerers who use magic to maintain the balance of power between Heaven, Hell and Earth. Now faced with day to day evils and uncaring adults in a city drenched with blood and tears, not only well these kids have to learn to cope with each other…but themselves as well.

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