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Umber the Kid♀
Stop...Hammer time! :D

Registration date: 14th Mar 2011
Last seen: 1st Aug 2011, 5:26 PM
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Location: San Diegy
About me
I got to school for Animation, I write a lot, draw a lot, dream a lot. I'm starting my first serious comic project and hope to learn a lot from it as I go. Excuse the newb, people.

Umber the Kid's comics
The Gods Must be Drinking
Meet Laurie, she is a brilliant girl stuck in a small town. Her inventions terrify and confuse her family, and she feels suffocated. But one day, a hero comes to the small village of Sniff and her life changes forever. It may not be the best of changes but hey, it's a start right?

Updates Tuesday and Thursday.

WARNING: Hetero romance at some point along with light cursing, some gore, and SHENANIGANS. It is just how we roll.

Last update: 12th Apr 2011
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