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Registration date: 25th Jul 2014
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Vectony's comics
Man of skull Second Chance
Chelsea,Jaro,Addy and Quackers were once traveling with the "wanted killer"the skull man and overtime befriended him.
They've become very close and everything seemed like it was going to be okay,until the skull man suddenly disappeared.
While searching for their lost friend,they've sought out help from a curosnian leader named Merlus.
She split them up into two groups,Chelsea and quackers went with the group that were heading to the Kazulah kingdom and Jaro and Addy were sent to the Zephab kingdom in predictions
that the skull man will be spotted on the way.
Chelsea and Quackers finds the skull man first but they both are cut down,making them fall down a dark cliff with no way to escape the pit.
Addy and Jaro are unaware of what happened to Chelsea and Quackers since the split up.

Last update: Today
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Mysterious Man of Skull
A story about a mysterious skull masked man that shows up out of the blue and makes a name for himself.A girl named Chelsea eventually becomes his friend as she tries to learn more about his mysterious ways..
Last update: 13th Aug 2017
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Our Life Together
Max and Vicky were both going through mundane times before they met.
One day Max decided to talk to Vicky about his story which led to a small spark of friendship.Eventually they started to develop feelings for eachother and deicided to spend more time together.
When love is transparent and all seems natural.
The life of Max and Vicky.

Last update: Yesterday
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Water's Wacky Resident
Last update: 30th Jun 2016
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