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My name is Ventimon and I like Digimon a lot

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Alternate Adventure: Bleeding Sky
When an all-too brief visit to the Digital World ends with one Digidestined left behind, alone and helpless, an ancient evil full of mysterious magical powers and hatred awakens. When the lost Digidestined returns, full of fire, anger, and secrets, the group takes it upon themselves to destroy this new monster and his army of so-called ‘White-Eyes’ before he can destroy them- and all other humans. Unfortunately, dealing with one Digidestined with a clear grudge against the rest of the group and another slowly losing his mind complicates a seemingly straight-forward mission considerably, and if no one can figure out how to work a chain with two weak links, everyone might be doomed…

Alternate Adventure is an edgy Digimon comic I draw for fun and is a passion project. It takes place after the first season in a split timeline (AKA cannon in 02, Tri, and DA:LEK won’t apply to the comic.) Sora is considered the protagonist with Matt and Joe as secondary characters. I advise not reading unless you are 13+ due to a little swearing/gore/blood/violence. Updates tues, sat

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