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Hi. I like drawing things and putting them on the internet. Thanks for reading this.

I'm the most charming on my twitter.

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Lucky Hazard
Updates every weekend!

The doomed planet Nidus. After a 100 year war between the Human-Dryad alliance and the Elves, the continent is left twisted and nearly destroyed. Civilizations are slow to rebuild. In order to keep the peace and fulfill the peaceful citizens' requests, the strongest and smartest Hearthens formed Clubs, which took up jobs to help the rebuilding civilizations and tame the mutated wilderness. Our story focuses on an up-and-coming Club, a rambunctious Club that seems to be able to come out on top through pure luck; Lucky Hazard.

Leading the club is a cunning Dryad and his earnest adoptive brother, who is a celestial housed in the body of a doll. The two set out to form Lucky Hazard in order to gain enough fame to find out what really happened to the Dryad's father.

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