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Registration date: 21st Feb 2015
Last seen: 30th Apr 2017, 3:48 PM
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Location: Toronto ON
About me
I'm an author and an artist, a mom and a partner. I write science fiction/fantasy/horror and poetry. (Some people say the last two are often interchangeable). I teach martial arts and self defense. I have begun to learn to hang-glide. Re-starting the horseback riding comes next.

Vryka's comics
Romance Among Horse Thieves
How does a Skadi girl meet and fall in love with a Noghai Horde soldier? Well, she shouldn't laugh at him, even if he is drunk and falling on his ass. He shouldn't steal her horses for it. From Constantinople to the Tatar steppe. Vassylissa and Temur.
Last update: 22nd Apr 2015
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