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Hello! I'm W0lf.exe, a webcomic artist who loves to tell stories about her stories. My main work here is Secrets of Our Lives, which is a project that I have worked on for many years. I just posted it last year on January 28, 2018.
I decided to start posting my comic here on April 28, 2019

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Secrets Of Our Lives
Two mutated wolf sisters; one has intelligence, the other has strength. They were separated at a young age due to mysterious circumstances but they meet each other again after 19 years. This event caused a whole book of mysteries to unfold in front of them. What are the sisters meant to be? What were they meant to be? Why is the Jackrabbit feared? Who is the doctored? IS there more to their lives than just humans and the two mutated dogs?

Read the story to find out!!

( This comic was started on January 28, 2018 and was uploaded here on April, 28,2019)

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Graphic Violence / Gore