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I like cats,Pokemon,monsters,Digimon,and medieval-ish fantasy.

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Champions of Far'aus
In the magical world of Far'aus, many different people of many different races worship many different deities, but levels of competence differ from person to person - gods and goddesses included!

Updates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Last update: Yesterday
Violent Content
World of Far'aus - The official C.o.F guide.
What is "World of Far'aus"?
World building!Character backrounds!Extra (often miscellaneous) information for Champions of Far'aus that could bring the story to a crawl if stuffed in!
*World of Far'aus will update along with Champions of Far'aus when certain characters and/or items and/or places are shown, sometimes after,but not before*

Last update: 16th Aug 2020