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I like cats, Pokemon, monsters, Digimon, and medieval-ish fantasy.
I go by Werewolfsbane here, Ewok_Pyromancer on Reddit, and Aggron9988 on YouTube & TvTropes.
I made a short trailer for my Webcomic on YouTube, and it’s . . . ok I guess? Kind of makes me cringe a little since I had to do the voices and stuff, but I like seeing my characters animated in it even if it’s only like, a few seconds worth or something. Also I tried making an animated series called “Warlocks Reign” there before I got the idea for Champions of Far’aus, but I was literally getting nightmares about losing all progress in the animation near the end of working on it, which seriously affected my sleep, and so I had to stop.

Werewolfsbane's Webcomics
Champions of Far'aus Champions of Far'aus
In the magical world of Far'aus, many different people of many different races worship many different deities, but levels of competence differ from person to person - gods and goddesses included!

Updates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.

Last update: 31st Mar 2022
Violent Content
World of Far'aus - The official C.o.F guide. World of Far'aus - The official C.o.F guide.
What is "World of Far'aus"?
World building!Character backrounds!Extra (often miscellaneous) information for Champions of Far'aus that could bring the story to a crawl if stuffed in!
*World of Far'aus will update along with Champions of Far'aus when certain characters and/or items and/or places are shown, sometimes after,but not before*

Last update: 10th Nov 2021
Werewolfsbane’s Art Dump Werewolfsbane’s Art Dump
A random collection of drawings and other art stuff I’ve done over the years, and occasionally the odd moment I forgot I captured in a photo, which I suppose makes it . . . I don’t know, something.

No set update schedule.

Last update: 16th Jul 2022