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William Sometimes's Profile
William Sometimes
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Registration date: 9th Aug 2015
Last seen: 22nd Dec 2018, 1:46 AM
Posts: 258
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Location: Dank City, MN
About me
Taken from the Procrastination Olympics Wiki: He likes the comics and the Youtubes and the animes. His past is a mystery. Nobody knows his true identity except for his family and friends and acquaintances and enemies and neighbors and some random hobos and his cult followers. He knows the secrets of wormhole hopping. Don't mess with him, sucka.

William Sometimes's comics
Reckless Ruby
Dinosaurs! Aliens! Robots! Ninjas! Demons! Unravel the world of Reckless Ruby's mysteries with Samantha, James, and their friend Justin.
Last update: 17th Dec 2017
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DoubleYewEss, an emotionally unstable young man plagued with financial woes, suddenly finds himself under the constant antagonism of his arch nemesis, The Illuminati- a childish, selfish man with a triangle for a head. This is the least of DoubleYew's worries, though, as his daily life is a constant struggle with his true worst enemy: himself.
Last update: 21st Dec 2018
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