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Wolfe's Profile
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Registration date: 26th Sep 2013
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Location: Canada
About me
I'm Ajay, but you can call me Wolfe too. I'm fine with either male or gender neutral pronouns. I draw, write, read, sing, watch T.V and movies, play video games, and procrastinate. I'm from Manitoba, Canada. I'm going into the University of Manitoba starting September with no particular major in mind yet, but I am taking classes in Psychology, Theatre, Film, and Gender & Women's Studies.

Find me on tumblr too.

Or talk to me on Skype at yokomeo.

Wolfe's comics
Birchwood High: Year One
Victoria Birchwood's Highschool for Gifted Children is known as a school for 'intellectual prodigies'... That is, to those on the outside. Really, it is a school for teens with extraordinary powers, abilities and supernatural origins.
Jayden is an effectual, potty-mouthed, bitter loner who just so happens to attend this school, and also happens to be the nephew of the principal, Ms. Anita Wolfe. Join him as he and his friends undergo trials of friendship, love, and self-identity all while supernatural elements get thrown into the mix.

Updates Thursdays.


*Warning* Contains the Following:
- Vulgar language
- Sexual innuendoes
- Mild violence
- LGBTQ+ subjects

Last update: 27th Apr 2015
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