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Registration date: 30th Dec 2012
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About me
I'm an animator who is now doing web comics,expanding my horizons some.

Wrathborne's comics
Halloween Night, a monster is on the prowl beating up kids and stealing their candy. Its up to Joy, Kimmy, and Ed to stop the monster or become its prey.
Last update: 20th Apr 2015
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Waking up in an open grave, Shasta is trapped in a fog drenched town and surrounded by monsters that want her dead. Notes from a friend help her survive the dangers, reality isn't what it seems here.

This comic contains graphic violence, language, and absurdity.

Last update: 18th Dec 2018
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Joy To The World
Meet Joy Fulbright, an 11 year old tomboy. Joy for the most part, is smarter than the world around her. Shes an angry only child who lives with her divorced mother and is does video blogs, films, and other mischievous activities.

Joy ends up living in her own little world with her friends Kimmy and Neil, her schoolyard antagonists Gary and Joanna, and her arch-nemesis...boredom.

Updates on Wednesday, can also be found at

Last update: 18th Sep 2017
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