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I read comics and dabble in making them. I am currently writing a fantasy book series that needs a test reader or two. The name is pronounced Eck-zade

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Growlution Growlution
Follow Zeep as he grows and evolves to explore his world. What surprises are in store for our little critter and what happened to the human race? Only time will tell. --- Almost everything is drawn by hand with a parblo 610a tablet. Might include a little 3d art.
Last update: 21st Jul 2021
Xade's Test Strips Xade's Test Strips
I dabble in Blender a lot, I've currently been working on a model of my book's main protagonist. I'll post updates here and test the waters of comicfury to see if I like how things are done. Who knows, I might even make my books a 3d comic. The avatar was done for me a while ago by Wazaga of Deviant Art
Last update: 5th Sep 2013
Xade Tales Xade Tales
Alexandra Welex is from a long line of cops on one side and treasure hunters on the other side of her family. Once carefree and enjoying life, everything changes when she hunts down the treasure of Leporidae. (Description pending)
Last update: 10th Apr 2018